Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Prayer Puzzle

Here's a puzzle sheet you can copy for your students to reinforce your lesson on talking to God in prayer. (Click on the image at the bottom of this post to download the free puzzle.) Share some verses from the Bible on prayer. Explain that Jesus talked to God in prayer and God is pleased when we talk to Him, too. Help your students understand that they can talk to God any time and any place, and God hears us. Tell them that prayer is like knocking on God's door. God is never too busy for us. He is never gone away on vacation. When we knock on the door by talking to God in prayer, he will open the door and hear and answer us.

Let your students brainstorm some of the things about which they can talk to God (praises, prayer requests, thanksgivings, things that make us sad or happy, worries, problems, etc.). Help them understand that when we seek or look for God, we will find Him. God wants to hear about all the things happening in our lives—the good and the bad.

Give each student a puzzle sheet and a pencil. Let the students work in pairs, if you wish. Read the directions aloud. Have a child read the first sentence. Choose a volunteer to read the correct answer. Have another volunteer read the complete sentence. Let the children explain what it means. Do the same for each sentence or let the children work independently. After all the sentences are completed, have the children print the circled letters in order in the squares at the top of the page. Have a child read the page title and then the completed answer aloud. (Talk to God in prayer. He will answer.) Point out the At Home Project at the bottom of the page. Encourage the children to make their own prayer reminder. If you have time, bring the supplies so they can start it during your lesson.

Close your time in prayer. Let the students pray, if they wish. Thank God for being available to listen to us whenever we talk to Him in prayer.
Click the above image to download the puzzle.

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