Monday, April 25, 2011

God's Love Gift Box

Help your students focus on God's love for them with this special craft. Let the children create heart boxes in which to hold reminders of God's good gifts to them.

Before your lesson, cut a large facial tissue box in half so each child can have one half. Bring paint, paint brushes, newspaper, scissors, construction paper, markers, paint smocks, glue, tape, wet wipes, and one clothespin for each child. Let each child paint the outside of a box half and cut hearts from construction paper to glue onto the box. You can also purchase colorful heart cut-outs, Item #1840 (pictured) to save time.

On one heart have him print "[Jason's] Gifts from God." Help him stand the box so the completely open side faces up and the partially open side faces him. He can glue and then tape one flat side of the clothespin inside the front of the box (the partially open side) so it appears to be standing.  Then he can glue the heart with his name on it to the front of the clothespin.

Have each child cut a few extra hearts (or paper strips). On the extra hearts or strips, let him print gifts from God for which he is thankful (one gift per paper). Younger children can draw pictures of those gifts.

Let the child place those hearts or paper strips inside the box, placing one of those hearts in the clothespin "teeth." Encourage the child to choose a new heart to place in the clothespin each day as a reminder of God's love for him.

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