Monday, January 17, 2011

God, Our Firm Foundation

Help your students understand that God is our firm foundation, and God can help them in any and every situation of their lives. Say, "God's power is greater than anything and everything. He understands everything we're going through in our lives. God is ready to help us at any time, in any place. God's Son, Jesus Christ, is our firm foundation, and our lives should be built on Him." (Talk individually with any child who has questions or wants to learn more about Jesus. See the March 10, 2010 blog post, Leading a Child to Christ for suggestions.)

Give each student markers, scissors, and three sheets of construction paper. Have him draw a large brick-looking rectangle on each sheet and cut them out. On each brick, have the student write a word or phrase that shows God's power or mercy (healed my sick grandmother, provides food for us, forgives my sins, protects me from evil, helped dad find a job, etc.). When all the bricks have been filled in, use them to build a wall of bricks on a bulletin board or wall. The bottom layer should be a long strip of construction paper with GOD IS OUR FIRM FOUNDATION written on it. Let the children help tape their bricks on top of the construction paper to form a wall. Have them sign their names around the foundation, if they wish.

Explain that the wall represents our lives and the help and power God provides us every day. Say, "Just as a foundation holds up a wall or building and keeps it from falling down, so God holds us and protects us and keeps our lives from falling apart, even when bad things happen. With God's power through His Son, Jesus, there is noting we cannot do. There is no problem we can't tackle. God can help us get through even the worst times. God is all-powerful!" Say the Bible verse below together (Psalm 28:7).

Pray individually with any children who have special prayer needs. Share one or two times in your own life or the lives of your family members when God has brought you through tough times with His great power and mercy.

"The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him." — Psalm 28:7


Miss Ashley said...

I teach Sunday school, and we usually have a time of prayer requests. During this time the children share their individual requests then I pray over them for the children. I also do individual times of prayer.

Carol said...

Wonderful suggestion. With older kids, I also like having them pray for each others' requests. As each request is mentioned, I ask for a volunteer to pray for that item. Often children will ask each other the following week for an update on the things we've prayed for the week before.