Monday, January 31, 2011

Bible Memory Verse Treasure

Use this memory verse game to help your students understand that God's Word is like a special treasure. Words from the Bible can teach us to act in ways that please God.

Before your class, print each word of your memory verse (including the reference) on a 4-inch round piece of cardboard or yellow poster board cut to resemble a gold coin. Print one word per cardboard circle. Number the backs of the circles in order, if you wish (or print one set with numbers and one without).

Decorate a box to look like a treasure chest or purchase a cardboard Treasure Chest (Item #CTP5999). See the picture above. Print the memory verse on a chalkboard, whiteboard, or poster board (or have an older student print it for you). Have a child read the verse from the Bible. Point to each word as it is read. Have everyone say it together.

Discuss the meaning of the words, and have the children read the verse together several times. Then give your students the memory verse coins (one coin per child). Have the children stand in the order of the verse (choose two children to help them get in order, if you wish). Let the children drop the coins in the treasure chest one at a time, in order, reading each word as it is dropped in. Do this several times so everyone has a turn. Repeat (with the unnumbered coins), if time allows.

Say, "The Bible is God's Word. Every word of the Bible is true. God's Word is like a special treasure. There are wonderful things in the Bible to teach and train us how to live to please God!"

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Memory Verses @ Teach Sunday School said...

I'm always looking for fun ways to help my Sunday school students learn their memory verses. They get bored of the same two games played over and over again, so I'm glad I stumbled upon this game—it'll give me another memory verse activity to change things up a little bit!