Monday, September 27, 2010

Bible Lesson: God Has Made Me Wonderful

Have the children stand and sing the following words to the tune of THE FARMER IN THE DELL:

God has made my hands (hold out hands),
      God has made my hands,
God has made me wonderful (hug self),
      God has made my hands (hold out hands).

Add the following stanzas as you have time:

2. God has made my head (pat top of head).
3. God has made my arms (wave arms).
4. God has made my knees (pat knees).
5. God has made my nose (wrinkle nose and point to it).
6. God has made my feet (stomp, stomp).

7. God’s Word will keep me safe 
       (hold hands together as an open Bible),
God’s Word will keep me safe,
       If I obey God’s Word each day (nod head),
God’s Word will keep me safe.

Give each child some soft modeling clay. Tell the children to make something special with the clay. Set each finished creation on a piece of paper on which you have written the child’s name. Ask each child to tell you about his creation.  Remind the children that God made their hands able to mold clay into shapes. Say, “God made us and loves us very much.”

Open your Bible to Psalm 119:73-76. Explain that the Bible is God’s Word and it is true. Hold your Bible open on your lap as you tell the following Bible lesson:

The Bible says (read Psalm 119:73 aloud from your Bible). Who made us? (God) That’s right. God made us. God made (name each child). God made our hands (hold out hands). God made our feet (point to feet). God made our arms, and God made our legs. God made very part of us.

[Jeremy], did God make your head? (yes) [Elizabeth], did God made you ears? (yes)

(Ask something of each child.) Our God is awesome! When you made your clay sculpture, did you want to throw it away? (no) You want to take care of it. You want to keep it safe. God made you and wants to take care of you (point to children). God cares about [name each child]. God wants [Sean] to be safe. That’s one reason God gave us the Bible (hold up your Bible).

The Bible is God’s way of talking to us. The Bible contains God’s rules for keeping us safe. When you obey your parents’ rules—such as don’t touch the hot stove, or don’t play in the street—you will be safe. God wants you to be safe. God wants you to obey His rules in the Bible. Obeying helps you be safe. Let’s sing the last verse of our song once more. (God’s Word will keep me safe.)

Thank You, God, for making each person wonderful. Help each child keep safe by obeying Your rules. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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