Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lessons Are Fun When You Are!

A leader or teacher should be fun. Do you have a good sense of humor? Are you fun to be with? Do kids like you? Are you "human?" To answer these questions yes means being a "warm body"—someone kids feel drawn to and want to be around—someone with whom they're free to be themselves.
Don't be so sensitive that you can't laugh at yourself. Try to see yourself as your kids do. Relax! Have a good time with your group. They'll respond more positively to you, feel more comfortable and secure in your presence, and be open to what you have to share with them from God's Word.
Ask God to help you stop and count to ten when you reach your saturation point with the students in your care. Meditate on Scripture that mentions those qualities of God that will help you in your ministry to children: patience, peace, long-suffering, grace, forgiveness, loving-kindness, mercy, etc. Refocus on meeting your students’ needs instead of thinking of your own. Pray for each child and his or her individual situation. Ask God to open your eyes to the special needs of each student. Listen for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as you interact with your students.
A leader should be a good listener…and that means being a patient listener. If you give the impression of always being in a hurry and always too busy to hear the end of your students’ stories, they will feel that they're unimportant to you. Being a good listener shows that you sincerely care about those you listen to. Remember, kids can pick out of any crowd those who are genuinely interested in them. Talk to your kids—listen to them (look them in the eye)—give a bit of yourself to them as you share about the love of Jesus!

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Anonymous said...

Definitely agree! Kids do recognize "warm" traits and choose those adults to be with. I've taught Sunday School for more than 30 years and still have "students" come up to me in church, stores, on the street, etc.