Thursday, January 14, 2010

10 Commandments for Sunday School Teachers

By Dr. Henrietta C. Mears

  1. I will win the personal allegiance of every student in my Sunday school class to the Lord and Master by talking, writing and prayer.
  2. I will not think my work over when my pupil has made his decision for Christ.
  3. I will see that he finds a definite place in some specified task.
  4. I will bring Christianity out of the unreal into everyday life.
  5. I will seek to help each one discover the will of God, because the Master can use every talent.
  6. I will instill a divine discontent into the mind of everyone who can do more than he is doing.
  7. I will make it easy for anyone to come to me with the deepest experiences of his inner life.
  8. I will keep the cross of Christ central in the Christian life.
  9. I will pray as I never prayed before for wisdom and power.
  10. I will spend and be spent in this battle.
While still a college student, Dr. Henrietta Mears was concerned she was not fulfilling with complete diligence the ministry given her. She wrote out these 10 commandments, a list of things she would do, not things she ought to do. Miss Mears went on to serve as Director of Christian Education at Hollywood Presbyterian church for 35 years until her death in 1963. She founded Gospel Light Publications, Forest Home Retreat Center, Gospel Literature International...and had profound influence on countless leaders in ministry including Billy Graham, Bill Bright, and Richard Halverson.

These 10 commandments are reprinted from an article about Miss Mears that appeared in Life@Work Magazine. Used by permission. To learn more about Life@Work Magazine and how to subscribe go to Life@Work

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