Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fabulous Fall Sunday School Kickoff: Fundraising Ideas

Don’t let a tight budget keep you from having an exciting and dynamic Sunday school program. We've got some great ways for you to have a fabulous and fun fall kickoff, including fundraising and Kickoff Party ideas.

First, here are some ideas for funding your program(s).

Sunday School Sponsors

Have your church members sponsor children for Sunday school. Most people would jump at the chance to support a child in a positive, Bible-based program. Decorate a wall or bulletin board in your church as the “Sunday School Hall of Fame.” Make a Sunday school poster to put in the middle of the wall or board. At a Sunday School Sponsor Table have people purchase stars for the amount they want to donate. Use a simple star pattern. Make two stars for each of your donors—one on paper and one on card stock. Write a brief note of thanks on the paper star (or have the child receiving a scholarship write the note) and give it to the donor. Cut out the card stock star, print the donor’s name in the middle and add glitter around the edges. Add the card stock stars to the “Hall of Fame,” taping them around the poster.

Special Offering

Have a special Sunday School Offering for five weeks and challenge your children and adults to a certain goal. Send a letter to your church members explaining how the offering will work. Let them know that the offering money will be used to help fund your Sunday school program. For each of the first four weeks, ask people to bring a different coin (see chart below). Of course, other coins and bills are welcome, as well! Have them bring bills the fifth and final week. Give an update following each week, letting everyone know how much was raised. You may want to have an artistic member of your congregation draw a thermometer with some benchmarks indicated at the quarter, half, and three-quarter points, and the goal at the top. Each week color the “mercury” on the thermometer red to show how the offering is progressing.

Week 1 – Pennies
Week 2 – Nickels
Week 3 – Dimes
Week 4 – Quarters
Week 5 – Bills

Yard or Rummage Sale

Encourage your congregation to clean out their closets and garages and bring the unneeded items to church for a giant rummage sale. Be sure to advertise that all proceeds will be used to fund the Sunday school programs at your church. Ask that items be brought in clean and in good and  saleable condition. Then have children and teens from your church set up an old fashioned  lemonade stand at which they can also sell donuts, muffins, coffee  and juice.  These things can be donated by members of your congregation.

Stuck on Sunday School

Make a list of items needed for your Sunday school and the cost of each item. Print each item needed and the price on a sticky note. Put the notes on a bulletin board or wall and have your congregation members “go shopping.” Each member can choose a sticky note and then pay for the items at the Sunday School Sponsor Table. Even kids can use their allowances to help out. Give each “shopper” a donor star on which to print his name and then add to your “Hall of Fame.”

You can build interest and excitement for your Sunday school program by hosting a Sunday School Kick-Off Party. This event will promote Sunday school and your children’s ministry to your congregation and community. Schedule time during the kick-off party to pre-register children, introduce leaders and teachers, and educate parents about the importance of Sunday school for their children. Some of your parents may want to donate money to benefit your program.

Stay tuned later this week for Kickoff Party ideas!

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