Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Timeless Message

Children growing up today face a very different world than the one faced by their parents. It is a complex world with gadgets and gizmos that were never even imagined twenty years ago. And yet  it is still a world of people trying to relate to their God. 

Pray that even as your students’ minds are full of the complexities of learning to read and do math, of computers and cell phones, of YouTube and iPods, of entertainment and so much push-button technology, that they will understand the simplicity of the Gospel. Your lessons will help your students realize that God loves them and sent His Son to be their Redeemer and Guide. 

Pray that as they remember God’s faithfulness to believers in the past, they will be aware of His faithfulness in their lives today as they face problems and challenges. For lesson ideas to help your students grow closer to Jesus, check out our Bible Foundations Reproducible Sunday School Lessons. Try a free lesson for Preschool, Early Elementary or Upper Elementary.

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