Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clay Pot Craft

Give each child a blob of modeling clay on a piece of wax paper. You may want to use air-dry clay so the pots will be dried overnight. Say, "You have been given a blob of clay. Even though it doesn’t look like much, we’re going to change this blob into a clay pot —something attractive and useful. 

Before we become Christians, we may not think we’re very special. But God can change us into something special and useful. God can help our lives produce good fruit. We can do good and helpful things for Christ. 

First, roll half the clay into a long rope or snake. Wind your snake around itself in a spiral to form a circular bottom for your pot. Now coil the rope on top of the outer circle of the bottom. This will form the sides of your pot. 

To make the lip of the pot, coil the rope sides into a smaller circle for a few coils. Finish by laying a couple of larger circles of the rope on top. Now carve your initials in the bottom of the pot using a plastic knife or pencil tip.

Place your pot somewhere where it will remind you that God can change you into something special and useful. We can do good and helpful things for Jesus when we follow Him.

If any children have questions or would like to know more about changing their lives into something special and following Jesus, talk with them individually.

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