Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Joseph in Egypt VBS Snack Ideas

We've created some snack suggestions for your Egypt VBS. Feel free to modify them as you wish. Some of your creative volunteers may come up with additional snack ideas. Here are a few to get you started:

Day 1
Serve fruit such as apples, grapes, figs, berries, and dates. Give each child a paper bowl and spoon. Let the child choose which fruits to add to his bowl. The fruit can be accompanied by a dollop of whipped cream or yogurt (optional). Explain that these fruits are similar to those Joseph and his brothers may have eaten in Egypt.

Day 2
Serve ice cream. Let the children add root beer or soda to make floats or provide toppings for ice cream sundaes (chocolate and butterscotch chips, sprinkles, chocolate and caramel sauce, mini M&Ms™, maraschino cherries, mini peanut butter cups, etc.). As the children eat, talk about what a special snack this is. Remind them that God gives us each special gifts. Help the children identify some of their gifts.

Day 3
Prepare small pita pockets cut in half. Let each child fill the pocket with cheese, ham, or turkey (or have them already filled). You may want to provide olives, tomatoes, and lettuce for condiments. As the children eat, talk about how God gave Joseph wisdom so he was able to make sure the people had food during the famine.

Day 4
Today’s story is about how Joseph forgave his brothers. After he forgave them, Joseph gave them grain and bread and plenty of food for their journey back to their father in Canaan. Provide flatbread with tomato sauce and melted cheese on top (or serve flatbread cheese pizza cut into small pieces). As the children eat, talk about how hard it can be to forgive others. Explain that God can help us to forgive.

Day 5
Cut cheese slices into cross shapes (or lay two rectangles of cheese across each other to form a cross). Serve with crackers and grapes. Talk about the memory verse (Galatians 3:26) as the children eat. Have the children tell you what it means to have faith in Christ Jesus. Speak individually with any child who wants to learn more about following Jesus.

TIP: Use registration cards when children sign up for your VBS to record any allergies they may have. See the July 6 post for registration cards you can print out for your VBS program. Include any allergy information on the child's name tag so all VBS helpers are aware of the allergy. You can substitute items or omit dairy products from the snacks if you have children who are allergic to milk or dairy.

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