Monday, May 17, 2010

Think Positive!

Keep your expectations high and hold students accountable for their behavior with this letter-writing campaign. When a student’s behavior needs improvement, write her parents a letter predicting what her behavior will be like after a complete turnaround. Write the letter as if the turnaround has already happened.

Next, meet with the student and read the letter to her. Discuss what needs to happen to improve her behavior and agree on a target date for when the behavior will be completely changed and the letter will be sent home. Pray with the student, asking God to guide her behavior and the necessary changes.

Place a sticky note (with the target date on it) on the letter and give one to the student as a reminder of the date you’ve agreed on. When you and the student agree that the behavior has changed and the letter is now worthy of mailing, celebrate by having her address the envelope to her parents and decorate it. Pray together, thanking God for helping the student make the change. Then add the date to the letter and mail it. What a great way to encourage your students!

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Katherine Caren - How to Think Positive said...

How to think positive? It really depends on you. Thinking positive is a powerful tool for decision making and solving problems. It helps us to find solutions to our issues in life. I see your point and it makes a lot of sense to me. Thank you.