Monday, February 1, 2010

Caution: Children Growing!

There may be a wide range of spiritual development among the children in your class. Some children may be immature for their age and cannot make a judgment between right and wrong. These children still need an adult to tell them what is right and what is wrong.

By the time they hit school age, many children know the difference between good and bad. These children are ready to understand God as Authority and Power. More mature children are beginning to define right as what good people do and wrong as what bad people do. No matter their spiritual development, you can help your students understand that they should act to please God.

As they grow, children learn things in seven different ways. Are you providing activities for children that use all seven learning styles? Or are you creating dead ends in the lives of your students by giving them only logic-oriented activities?

For children who are WORD oriented, provide reading, writing, and story activities. For children who are LOGIC oriented, provide brain teasers, puzzles, and strategy games. For children who are ART oriented, plan crafts, art projects, and design opportunities. Bring maps, puppets, and visuals to help reinforce the Bible story.

For children who are PHYSICALLY oriented, allow for plenty of play time, sports activities, and active games. For children who are SOCIALLY oriented, include sharing time, relationship-building activities, discussions, and parties. And for children who are INDIVIDUAL oriented, provide personal activities like journaling, independent study projects, monologs, and individual art projects.

By using all seven learning styles, you will be helping every one of your students to succeed in the ways that God created each one.

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